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Rustic blues newborn collection 12 - 4 in 1 design backdrop

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This large 4 in one backdrop, measuring 60 inches in height and 84 inches in width, is segmented into four designs, with each individual section approximately 30 inches by 42 inches.

Newborn 4 in one photographers backdrop 

this is a 60" x 84" design with four smaller backdrops on one backdrop.They will arrive as one backdrop but can be cut yourself to make into individual smaller backdrops

they are great for newborn photography shoots, shooting from above in your chose baskets

We can cut them down into smaller drops if you request in your notes.

Some designs are  digitally rendered images not real photography set or shoots. they are generated using Photoshop 

Due to their artistic nature, they may have blurred edges, appear soft or be unsharp or some slight imperfections or irregularities within the image.

We have edited all the backdrops, please check the backdrop here  

photography  backdrop 

Studio backdrop