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Pink fairytale Castle & Pumpkin Carriage _ Honey Pie design 2845

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This is portrait with a floor attached for you ,60" wide and 80" high ( split into two areas ) select portrait button & just say in the notes if you need with a floor please 
watermark and grid will not be printed on final backdrop

Pink fairytale Castle & Pumpkin Carriage _ Honey Pie design 

 -Honey Pie backdropPhotography backdrop... available as a wall with no floor (choose landscape design)

OR with added floor to match (choose portrait design)  Photography backdrop  .Photography backdrop-photographers backdrops. 

Photographers cake smash backdrop  

Designs by Honey Pie photography  

All Honey Pie backdrops can come with a floor attached as in the images or just as a wall area

Please Add to your notes if you would like landscape (with no Floor) or portrait with floor added, thank you.